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I'm a self-published author from South Australia. My first book, Soul Fire, is a YA fantasy romance.

Hell's Super

Hell's Super - Mark Cain I went into Hell's Super expecting a couple of laughs, maybe a tid-bit of mystery with a bit of slapstick comedy on the side.

I came out of Hell's Super with a broken heart, a big want for a giant bat and a desperate need for the sequel.

Hell's Super is Steve Minion, a guy with a rather unfortunate last name when it comes to Hell. When Hell's Escalator, responsible for ferrying doomed souls into the Circles of Hell, breaks down mysteriously, Steve and his assistant, Orson Welles, are tasked by Satan to fix it, rebuild the Staircase and find out who destroyed it in the first place.

This novel is meticulously researched. Everything from the mechanical workings of escalators to the building of stairs, to Morse Code, had been researched and written with a full understanding of the subject. Time and time again I found myself impressed by how much effort had been put into the writing of this book.

My favourite character, after Steve of course, was BOOH, or Bat Out Of Hell. I desperately hope to see more of him in the sequel, A Cold Day in Hell.

Also I'm so glad that there is a sequel coming out, I don't think I could handle it if there wasn't. Hell's Super is the kind of book that you go into expecting not much from, and come out the other side hoping that there's more because you just can't leave it like that!