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I'm a self-published author from South Australia. My first book, Soul Fire, is a YA fantasy romance.

The Short Life of Sparrows

The Short Life of Sparrows - Emm Cole ** GIVEAWAY ** I interviewed Emm Cole on my blog! Check it out and enter the (international) paperback giveaway! http://aprillelegacy.com/2015/11/11/author-interview-emm-cole/

The Short Life of Sparrows was brought to my attention by the 'I Can't Believe it's Self-Published!' list. When it reached the top, I was sucked in by the cover, and I knew I had to have it.

My (gorgeous) paperback copy arrived about a week ago, and I devoured this book in only a few nights. The writing is spectacular, and I cannot fault it in any way. The characters are so real they practically jump off the page.

But what surprised me most was the romance. (Mild spoilers, nothing serious). I was so ready to accept the cliched romance that I thought was coming. I wasn't expecting to be proven wrong, and I was. I've stated before that I love books that can do this. Surprise me, and you'll get five stars. I'd give this book ten, if possible, because it consistently surprised me. This book is not cliched - and I love it.

The character development - which so many authors struggle with, myself included - was perfect. It was slow, and deliberate. The changes made within each character was explained and relative to reason. The happenings within the coven and their attitude to Ordinaries pushed certain characters to reassess what they considered important - which led to some startling revelations... and relationships.

This book doesn't shy from tough writing, hereby meaning 'the gross demon' and the sexual side of relationships. The one sex scene was tastefully done and correlated directly with the character development.

My one gripe with the story When Calli decides to leave with Rowe, she doesn't say goodbye to Daphne or attempt to make her leave with them. Daphne really got screwed over by this ending, and my heartbreak was all for her. I kind of wanted an epilogue so we could see what happened to Daphne, but by the last scene in which she's present, I don't think we want to see how that ends.

Read this book. I'm about to track down the author's other series because I need more of her writing in my life. I cannot recommend this highly enough - if you're only going to read one indie book this year, make it The Short Life of Sparrows.