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I'm a self-published author from South Australia. My first book, Soul Fire, is a YA fantasy romance.

Heiress of Magic

Heiress of Magic - Sonya Lano Heiress of Magic, by Sonya Lano.

Following several characters with faint ties to the first book, HoM is a blast of magic, love, deceit and heartbreak.

I love this world that Lano has created. It is so in depth and interesting that I can feel myself getting sucked in. It's too real and just out of reach all at once.

Favourite characters would have to be Essence Kithrav, Loren, Fel and Olsen. Fel again because she was amaze.

This book is about 500 pages long and I wish it was another 500 in length. This could've been a continuous book, never ending, and I still would've wanted it to be longer.

When it hit page 376:


This book was a rollercoaster of emotions. I would go from laughing out loud like an idiot to on the verge of tears.

And at the very end, when a beloved character died, I was friggin' inconsolable. Seriously, heart-wrenching sobs, had to put the book down so it didn't get wet.

I am also crowning Sonya Lano as Queen of Insults. From now on, I'm calling people I don't like jagging weir-shits. Or giblets.

Ha... giblets.

I recommend you get your little mitts on this book, or the first one if for some crazy reason you haven't read it yet. You will be most pleasantly surprised by the quality of the writing. And yes, this book is self-published. You won't believe it, guarenteed. This is probably one of - if not the most - polished, edited books I've ever read. Incredible.