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I'm a self-published author from South Australia. My first book, Soul Fire, is a YA fantasy romance.

Tomorrow, When the War Began

Tomorrow, When the War Began - John Marsden When I was younger, everyone told me this was one of the greatest books ever written. When I got older, everyone continued telling me how great it was, so I decided to conform and read it.
Best decision of my life. The Tomorrow Series by John Marsden is an incredible masterpiece of the mind. I read the book in literally four hours and was itching to get to the library the next day (which happens to be where I work, a bonus) to get the next one. I couldn't believe how original it was, or the ideas that were put into it. It made me proud to be an Aussie, when he was describing our landscape, culture and Vegemite.
He doesn't make his characters heroes, they get scared and hurt. They lose things that are dear to them, and no miracles are pulled off in the book. Everything that happens is utterly convincing, and I'm hoping that they go ahead and make a movie for them.
If you're considering this book, I strongly, STRONGLY suggest reading it. Make it the best decision of your life too. Honestly, these would be bordering on the best books I've ever read.