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I'm a self-published author from South Australia. My first book, Soul Fire, is a YA fantasy romance.


Marked - Kristin Cast, P.C. Cast Oh god... My brain... How, HOW did this book get past editors?? Why did Atom agree to be associated with this book? Ok I'll stop ranting and actually explain my views.

Ok first the writing style. It flicked between something you'd find in the childrens section of the library, and then to stuff that made me going "Oh god... Really? Must that be included??". And then I just became disturbed when I found out it was a mother and daughter writing together. Sorry to tell you Ms. Kristen Cast, you do not sound like a teenager, you sound like one of those tweenies you see talking into fake mobiles. The writing was sloppy, inconsistent and made me want to bash my head against the wall, all the while screaming "Why?".

The plot line. "What plot line?" I hear you ask.
It plodded along at a frustratingly slow pace, but occasionally the author/s would decide to kill of a minor character... One here, one there, why not? Then they suddenly realised that the book was coming to a close and that they couldn't just keep rambling on about crap that people would just skip over (and skip I did) and that they actually needed to come up with something to happen at the end. And aw... Wasn't it lovely... Everything comes out ok, bitch is pushed from her perch and replaced by the main character, main character snags boy, main character has amazing friends, main character has extraordinary powers that haven't ever been heard of before, etc etc.

Characters. "What, characters?" I hear you ask.
I know it surprised me too; that they'd remembered to put characters in. Flimsy, shallow, stereotypical ones at that, but at least they remembered that, yes, books need climax's and characters *patronising smile*. Main character: Zoey, Zoeybird, Z, Zo etc. Good god, if by some freak of time and space I ever meet this girl, I will punch her in the stupid Mark on her forehead. Picture Bella from Twilight and then... No, you don't have to do anything else. This girl was ordinary, but somehow so extraordinarily beautiful that she caught the eye of the House of Night hunk (of course) that the main characters arch enemy was after (of course). Her best friend was THE MOST cliched crap I've ever read (I quote page 128: 'Hey, y'all!' 'How was Vamp Soc? Did y'all start the Amazons?'....... *head desk*) And yes, that was a real quote. The bitch of the book was blonde (of course) and made so that when she was knocked from her high horse (let's hope it was a horse) at the end you were supposed to cheer. I actually felt a bit sorry for her. I mean, if she hadn't been written by amateurs, she would've been a rather interesting character, unlike ... 'Zoeybird'. One of ... 'Z's' group is gay, but they make it so obvious, they may as well just write 'WE'RE OK WITH HOMOSEXUALS' and be done with it. The other two of ... 'Zo's' group were apparently so alike they were like twins... Despite being from DIFFERENT RACES, that they called each other 'Twin'... Oh... My... Grandmother... At one point I considered burning the book so that no-one in my library would have the massive bruise in the middle of their forehead as I do now.

I beg you... Implore you... I'm on my knees pleading with you. DO.NOT. READ. THIS. BOOK. I'm on my way to delete them from my library's collection so that no-one ever has to suffer the way I have. And then with the deleted books I shall have a lovely 'vampyre' ritual... And guess what Zoey? I COMMAND SIX ELEMENTS! Mwahaa!

- Signed,
The girl sitting at her desk in the library crying because of this book.