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Anna Dressed in Blood

Anna Dressed in Blood  - Kendare Blake *third reread*

I love this book, I do, which is why I frequently return to it. This time around, I have a few thoughts I wanted to share.

First I'll get my griping out of the way. There were a few typos I hadn't noticed before, and we are frequently reminded in the book that Anna's dress is made out of blood. It's mentioned every few pages, and in different ways. After the second or third time, it lost any romantic notion that was supposed to be implied, and I was tired of seeing the same phrase each time.

I also wanted to see more ghosthunting. The opening sequence of this book is so gritty, and interesting. I wish prequels existed of Cas' other kills, or even better, that there were other books with him, Carmel and Thomas as a triple threat, travelling the country and murdering the dead.

Carmel is freaking amazing, and Thomas, too. If they had their own sequel, I'd buy it without a second thought. I can't wait to see them in the movie adaption, and they'd better not skimp on the badassery of Carmel and her baseball bat.