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Unearthly - Cynthia Hand Holy. Crap.

Loved this. Loved this so much. I don't think I've enjoyed a book so much since Cinder. I wish I'd read this sooner.

Clara is the best MC I've read in a long time. Usually I hate long, inner monologues that happen when the character is describing the scene, but Clara puts her own spin on it and makes it hilarious. It was also very easy to visualise the area, but Hand doesn't overwhelm the reader by over observing. She makes a few notes about the scene and then leaves the rest to the reader.

This worked especially well during the fly fishing scenes when they're down at the river. It was so easy to picture what was happening. It also worked for the scenes when Clara is flying.

I absolutely loved the description of their wings. Finally, finally, an angel story that deals with the logistics of having wings! Are they heavy? How do you control them? What do they feel like? Do they hurt if something happens to them? Where do they go when they're not present? Hand answered all of those questions and it added a LOT to the story, gave it a lot more depth.

The love interests were well written as well. I didn't like Christian as much though; he seemed like a little bit of a wimp, and Clara treats him accordingly after he's been a jerk to her.

I won't be that girl who lets the guy treat her like crap and still fawns all over him - pg 252

And she sticks to it. She doesn't melt under his gaze. She doesn't quiver under his touch. In fact, she answers one of his calls long enough to tell him to 'take the hint' and hangs up.

I can't tell you how many times I've wished for the strength to do that.

I only found one typo. One typo in a 400 page book, so pretty clean overall.

"Hello?" she says. "I'm afraid she doesn't want to talk you." - pg 251

I loved Clara trying to learn to fly. It seemed so heartbreakingly funny, especially when she was trying to lift the duffel bag too. I also really enjoyed her relationship with Jeffrey. The only thing was that I didn't really know how old he was meant to be, and when Kat sat on his lap in the cafeteria, I was like '... ok. So he's not twelve like I thought then.' I'll be interested to see where this brother-sister relationship goes in the next book.

Overall, loved it completely. When I rate a book, I ask myself what I didn't like about it, but I couldn't find anything about Unearthly that I didn't love to the fullest.

Also, piss off all these other crappy books being made into movies. I don't care two cents for City of Bones or Divergent. I want Unearthly to be a movie. Now. I WILL MAKE IT HAPPEN.