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I'm a self-published author from South Australia. My first book, Soul Fire, is a YA fantasy romance.

Never Trust a Prince

Never Trust a Prince - Sonya Lano Mild spoilers. Nothing to get antsy over.

Never Trust a Prince by Sonya Lano.

Thanks to it taking me ages to work out how to use my Kindle for PC, I took longer with this book than I wanted to. Once I worked out how to progress through the novel, I was drawn into the story and laughed more times than I can count.

I'd class this book as fantasy/romance/comedy. Definitely comedy. This book is possibly the most quotable book I've ever read.

“Embarrassment is against the very definition of a prince. It’s impossible for me to be anything but a sparkling gem in the world’s treasure chest.”
“You definitely need to be locked up in a box, but not because you’re pretty or precious.”
“I’m going to pretend you mean I’m too handsome to let out.”

I'm glad I read this book only at home. I'm embarrassed by how much and how loud I laughed. Who can blame me with quotes like this though?

She’d never seen a sight as wonderful as Wyeth coming to rescue her. And from the relieved look on Waterpock’s face, he hadn’t seen a sight as wonderful as Wyeth coming to rescue her, either.

I wish I had more quotes, but as I only worked out how to use the 'highlight' function halfway through the book, I've got only a handful. Then again, the book is so well written the whole thing is worthy as one big quote.

The writing and the story is fantastic. It's been a long time since I've come across writing of this standard. My inner editor was searching for errors, typos, plot holes but couldn't find any. I definitely can't wait to read more of this author.

The story was funny and heartwarming, but it also managed to bring tears to my eyes by the end. It carries an extremely important life lesson that we forget from time to time.

“Hey, now , enough of that.” Wyeth shook her again, gentler this time, then ducked his head and peered under the curtain of hair she was hiding behind. “Have faith in yourself, Saige. You can live your own life.”
“But what if I make a right fine royal mess of it?”
Wyeth chuckled . “That’s the beauty of it – you never know where your decisions are going to take you, but that’s the adventure of life."

Kingdoms above, the woman knew how to dash a man’s confidence!
But then he noted the almost uncatchable flash of sadness in her eyes.
She was sad?
She was sad.
She was sad!

I raced through this at the end, and cannot wait to delve into some of the author's other work.

One final quote.

“Ha, see! They are vegetarian!” Nikaela pointed out triumphantly to Nate as the troll heads contentedly crunched the leaves.
“You eat salads, too,” Nate groused back. “Doesn’t mean you don’t eat meat every now and then to spice up your palate.”